• Surbiton Postal Rifle Club

Ranges - 20 Yard : Lightweight Sport Rifle

A gallery style range with turning targets. Variable distances for smallbore and pistol calibres, with 5 cubicle style firing points.

The Lightweight Sport Rifle (LSR) discipline is shot with a .22LR rifle or .177/.22 Air Rifle, with no other supporting equipment (a glove may be used). The rifle/glove must weigh no more than 4.5kg and have a trigger weight in excess of 500g. It is usual to use either a Semi-Auto or magazine fed Bolt Action, with the Ruger 10 22 being a popular rifle in this discipline.

Any Sights are allowable, typically a telescopic sight, from the basic 3-9×40 to larger more powerful scopes. The rules state that no slings or special clothing may be used, and shooting stance is standing, unsupported.