• Surbiton Postal Rifle Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have never held a firearm let alone shot one. It can conjure up all sorts of questions and thoughts.
When it comes to safety the only silly question is the one you don’t ask.

We have however had some very strange questions via email over the years, naturally most of these people were denied a visit to the premises.

We include some of those here too:

  • Can you actually legally shoot or own a firearm in the UK?

    Yes, you absolutely can. You must have a firearms certified issued by your local police authority and be a person of good character, been a member of a home office approved rifle club for a absolute minimum of 6 months with good attendance.
    If you have been to prison or found guilty of certain other offences then you will not pass the home office security check and legally can not own a firearm or be a member.

  • Does it hurt? Is there recoil?

    Not at all, we are a small bore club which means we shoot small pistol and rifle calibres. Throw a Kit-Kat at your shoulder. It hurts about 4 times less than that.

  • Can I come as a one off or organise an event?

    A few times a year, we run open days.
    You must pre-pay and pre-register for these events well in advance, demand is high and spaces are limited. Get in touch - we'll let you know when the next one is.

  • Do you sell exploding ammunition or attack helicopters?

    We do not sell any exploding ammunition, zombie bullets, smoke grenades, flash bangs or gas masks. This is a genuine, fun and challenging target shooting SPORT.

  • Do you have cake?

    Yes, sometimes if we are really lucky. There are two or three people who make them but we have to beg and make them cups of tea for ages, before they finally give in. Any bakers will receive a fast track membership offer.

  • I wear glasses or have a heavy prescription, can I shoot?

    Yes, there are various different methods to enable people who have these challenges to shoot. You are not alone!

  • What about disabled access?

    We have disabled members and have good access and disabled toilet facilities. Currently 90% of the club can be accessed via wheelchair.
    We believe in inclusion; if we can make it, move it, cut it, widen it or a put a ramp on it. We absolutely will.

  • I’m a member of another HO approve club, can I join?

    Yes, we have deals with certain other clubs - come and talk to us

  • Is it all men?

    No, we have a many female members. In all fairness, they shoot better than the guys too.

  • Do you offer a family membership?

    No, memberships are individual. Junior, adult and senior.

  • Can I come for a tour?

    Yes, by appointment only. We offer tours frequently and usually in small groups. You must pre-book and provide ID before arriving.
    This is the law, and for obvious reasons we NEVER accept uninvited guests. We are connected directly to Kingston Police station.

  • Do you shoot outside the club?

    Yes, there are various opportunities to shoot at other clubs and the famous home of the NRA and NSRA Bisley Camp all year round.

  • I just have an air rifle that I was bought as a gift / or inherited. Can I join?

    Yes you are more than welcome. We have a large contingent of air rifle fans. Most end up shooting air and firearms.