Surbiton Postal Rifle Club

A Home Office approved target shooting club. Hitting the target for 52 years.

Frequently Asked Questions
Dont worry, you’ll be fine!

A chance to take part in a very popular, and challenging but not widely publicised sport.

We are a not for profit, community sports club.

We are a not for profit sports organisation. All of our committee, coaches, officers, and tea makers are volunteers. (Sometimes we have cake)


We offer membership for juniors, adults and seniors for attractive yearly rates. Introductory courses for beginners and other training opportunities.

We are a real club!

The word ‘postal’ can often mean that a club has no fixed premises. We are a real club, with premises that sit on the border of Kingston and Surbiton. 

Its not all old men.

We truly are a diverse bunch of people; engineers, builders, IT nerds, teachers, students, world champions, bird enthusiasts, barbers and lucky for us; brilliant caterers!  

The Club

Apart from shooting, we also have some other useful stuff.


A canteen that offers hot and cold drinks and basic snacks with a lounge area and television. 

Disabled Access

We are working on our disabled access, currently 90% of the club is wheelchair accessable. We also have dedicated toilet facilities.

Club Shop

Clothing and various accessories. Notice boards for member sales. 


A large CCTV monitored secure car park in an easy access location.

Our Ranges

Large indoor ranges, with heated, ventilated and well lit firing points.

25 Yard – Indoor

A multi purpose standing, kneeling and prone smallbore range with 14 firing points.

Air Range

A 10 metre air rifle and pistol range, with automatic target changers. With 6 firing points. 

20 Yard – ‘Gallery’

A gallery style range with turning targets. Variable distances for smallbore and pistol calibres, with 5 cubicle style firing points. 


All of our ranges are indoors, seperate, warm with good ventilation and monitored by CCTV. 

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